Author, Inc. Support January 19, 2011 Solutions

When you first install Cooks Palate, it will ask you if you want to backup the database when exiting the program. Say yes. If you do not, you may get a backup error at some future date. If you get an error, open Cooks Palate, go to the Organize tab and select Database, Backup. Create a database backup file as prompted. Close and reopen the file. Routine backups are a normal part of database maintenance. When prompted, say yes.

Author, Inc. Support December 15, 2009 Solutions

Open the Publisher and open your manuscript file. Save it with a unique name and today’s date.  Select 'Submit Book' from the File menu. Follow the instructions in the Submit wizard to prepare your file for submission. When the submission wizard ends close The Publisher.

Locate your book file which will be stored in the folder called "My Books", under the My Documents folder on your hard drive. The file will have the name you saved it with along with today’s date and a 3 character extension of *.cpp. (check for today’s date and today’s timestamp).

Open a support ticket and attach the file to your submission request.

Author, Inc. Support September 21, 2008 Announcements

Please read this before submitting a support ticket


Thank you for registering for support and welcome to our portal. You can look up resolutions to common problems, review tips and tricks, open support tickets for questions or problems and request new features for The Cooks Palate and The Publisher. Feel free to explore the forums listed on the right side of this page.

The support system tracks the ongoing dialogue of an open support ticket. To reply to an open ticket, scroll down to the "comment" window and add your comment. This becomes part of the ongoing support dialog between us and allows you and Author, Inc. to see the entire dialogue and chain of events that has progressed while the ticket is open. This ensures continuity for both parties and ensures that no information is lost.

Creating multiple support tickets for the same issue introduces confusion and communication problems and may unintentionally slow our response to you.



Author, Inc. Support September 21, 2008 Announcements

The most current version of The Publisher is version 4.5.2984.40668.

Registered users:  Support for versions prior to 4.5 are no longer supported.  To upgrade to the most current version of The Publisher, open the program, open the Help menu and select 'Check for Updates' from the menu.  If a newer version exists it will be automatically downloaded from our web site.  If you do not see the menu selection 'Check for Updates' in the Help menu you may have an early version begining with 1.0. If so, open a support ticket to request a downloadable file.

Author, Inc. Support September 20, 2008 Announcements

The most current version of The Cooks Palate is version 4.50.005.

Registered Users: Please note that support for TheC ooks Palate prior to version 4.5 are no longer supported.  If you are a registered user of version 4.0 or higher, you can can upgrade for free by accessing our upgrade page. For earlier versions a discounted upgrade is available for a fee in our online store.